IBCON is an engineering company which runs its operations at all stages of fuel and energy industry facilities’ life cycle.
Together with customers, IBCON upgrades large production facilities’ design, construction and operation processes using efficient practices of EPCM-companies and advanced IT-solutions. IBCON employs over 110 engineers.

Company’s operations: Comprehensive support of construction facility’s life cycle

Design and Construction

  • Development and maintenance of design and survey works activity progress chart
  • Preparation of initial data for upgrading and retrofitting projects using the surface laser scanning technology
  • Development of As-designed 3D-models, including Detail Documentation Expert Review for spatial collisions, errors in specifications and cost estimates
  • Issue of pipeline isometric drawings based on As-designed 3D-models
  • Development and support of construction and erection works activity progress chart
  • Planning and supervision of construction contractor operations
  • Development and support of BIM “For Construction”
  • Identification of deviations in actual positions and dimensions of structures and utilities from their design positions and dimensions during construction and erection works
  • Evaluation of actual scopes
  • Development of As-built drawings on the basis of As-built 3D-models


  • Development and support of BIM “For operation”
  • Design of As-operated 3D-models
  • Recovery of lost and updating of as-built drawings on the basis of As-operated 3D-models
  • Design of training simulators for operational personnel training
oil refinery installations and over 300 off-site facilities Construction support for 10 largest 15 BIM-models of industrial facilities 100 integrated activity progress charts 40 ЗD-models of oil refinery process facilities Experience in all main oil refinery process units’ development 350 YEARS total work experience of relevant specialists Operations in 7 Russian Federation regions Over 120 QUALIFIED ENGINEERS СОПРОВОЖДЕНИЕ СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВА БОЛЕЕ 300 ОБЪЕКТОВ ОБЩЕЗАВОДСКОГО ХОЗЯЙСТВА (ОЗХ) Construction support for 10 largest 100 КОМПЛЕКСНЫХ КАЛЕНДАРНО-СЕТЕВЫХ ГРАФИКОВ 15 ЦИФРОВЫХ ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ МОДЕЛЕЙ (BIM) ПРОМЫШЛЕННЫХ ОБЪЕКТОВ 40 ЗD-models of oil refinery process facilities ОПЫТ РАЗРАБОТКИ КСГ ВСЕХ ОСНОВНЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ УСТАНОВОК НПЗ В 7 РЕГИОНАХ РФ 350 YEARS total work experience of relevant specialists БОЛЕЕ 120 КВАЛИФИЦИРОВАННЫХ ИНЖЕНЕРОВ

Experience of performed projects enabled IBCON to accumulate its own expertise in all aspects of the discipline, including as follows:

  • Accurate forecasting of Contractor work rate and spent resources;
  • Engineering data visualization.
  • Support of construction of oil and gas industry facilities;
  • 3D-modelling and implementation of engineering data management technologies.

Primary objectives of IBCON work under Clients’ projects:

  • Minimization of construction work time disruption risks under Clients’ projects;
  • Work cost monitoring;
  • Minimization of additional construction costs;
  • Improving the quality of works performed by the Contractor;
  • Autonomous unloading of updated on-line management reporting.